Search engine optimization

So, you want to earn money online and provide you a link to a site premium. You and everyone it seems. But I request that from the beginning, what he really thinks that the “Premium” directory of links? Allow me to give you my opinion. I am a quick search on Google for “premium directory links” and I have more than 24 million search results in full and nearly 10,000 results precision. I want to say, I wonder whether it is actually Pages that a bonus or used if it is not easy, you call.

The idea that they are more backlinks seem slightly distorted by the amount of advertising and research, is without a doubt a premium on the search result webmasters hard link building qualitative aspect is very important. Web site, but the directories? If you are in DMOZ or Yahoo, then it is obvious that some like Google, but most webmasters to display a list of these powers is a dream not worth it.

The most important thing for a good strategy is targeted backlinking backlink anchor text of Web sites used for the anchor text keywords. These links tell search engines your site is really important for something like a reward to the people through the pages for this keyword. That really is SEO. Classification of relevant pages with targeted. The sorting of the pages are not relevant or not relevant directories words mean nothing.

What we are really more than “premium” directory backlinks is contextual text links to relevant websites – blogs, news sites and Web sites of government and education in particular. This relationship in one of those areas targeted anchor text new impetus Search results pages for a number of entries in the directory relevance. Period. I would say that the search engine on the reporting of catches in the 10 years ago.

If you want money or to be online, then you must use the traffic from search engines, no page rank. And the traffic is from the side with the search for classification. Plain and simple. Have you try to make a link to a directory of links to the first and focus on their relevance and authority backlinks target of the anchor text. This is one way to ensure noticed by search engines and rewarded with love I need your website.


There are millions of online WordPress blogs, but most of them are not optimal for search engines.  This article describes ways you can search your WordPress blog better.

1. Make sure that the best position to SEO – if you have a blog is known as a URL “link”. Permalink WordPress by default is not optimal, but can be changed by clicking “Settings-> Permalinks panel menu in WordPress and then use a custom setting as / category / name of the object. This means your blog category and the title in the URL instead of a number.

2. Install the All in One SEO Pack (or other plugin) – All in One SEO Pack plugin you can add a title, description and keywords meta tags for your own website and blog.

3. Optimized for each blog a little competition long tail keywords – before a blog is still quite a bit in the keyword search. Visit the Google Adwords keywords and use a long tail keyword in small quantities from the competition. Ideally, this makes sense for a few hundred searches per month instead of several thousand visits per month. Using a different set for each blog and put you in the blog title and 2-3 times during the course of the postmark.

4. Social Bookmarking service use for each favorite blog – if you have a blog with Social Bookmarking Digg or StumbleUpon, for example. There are also services such as cable and the only social marker, with the highlight a number of your site simultaneously. Social Bookmarking Kunt u extra Verkeer naar uw blog back me een link naar uw FATF blog reporting.

5. Optimizing the main page of your blog – It is normal to the page of your blog for more than one of the other pages. You can configure the number of visitors through the optimization of your website. 1-2 pick keyword phrases to make your own page with a search for items such as keywords on Google AdWords, and select one or two phrases related to your niche. Ideally, these records are just a few thousand visits per month, competition should not be too difficult. Make sure that your keyword phrases within the title tags, meta description, and the entire contents of your home audio blog.

6. Install the plugin Google XML Sitemaps – will not increase its range of search engines, but with a plan of the site ensures that the indexes of search engines all the news sites and blogs. You can use the Google Sitemaps plugin to an XML sitemap for your blog.

Blog 7.Build links – creating links to your site is the most secure, its position in search engines. If you do not know that it is very difficult, a good level of visitors from search engines. They can be used in conjunction with article marketing directory for submission of contributions, comments on other blogs, press releases, link exchange and Social Bookmarking.

Link on your site -Link Building Basics

There are several ways to create links to your site. I think this is the easiest and I know it is very effective. I have over the years.

Comments on blogs
The best connections. You do not need any special software. A little time and ability, something that makes sense.

For this example I will keep you “credit card”, as my niche

Three Easy Steps
Go to Google and the search for “Google Blog Search.

Then, in the Google Blog Search for your niche “credit cards” or from where you work.

Open blog that on the first page and search for “observation”.

As mentioned
See comments. If you have a URL for your website URL. It is the connection to your name. If you give me a link to my site, I will not comment.

Now you can get the section of speed and little choice in the article on its website. A commentary. 20 to 50 words. Not the same as in another blog. Always write, that is the spirit of the article. I have my own ideas for articles in this process. I always had an open book on the idea of an article.

My e-mail
I am an e-mail address out. I started in hotmail opens and from time to time in order to remain active.

This is important. This is the theme of this website is the link to your website. Since my name is Rick, that my site is in the credit card I use a name like “Rick credit or blame from Rick” or “child of the credit card” or “scientific means such as by keyword or page I’m with Rick added.

If you have only your name, a link to your website as “Rick”. That is not bad, but a connection with the keyword in the page is much better.

Some links to go every day to help in the course of time. To comment. Like all content that you really want. Over time, you have a large proportion of the relevant content on your site to your site.

Comments can be seen, rather than advertising. I have more than 20 observations in a recent football match. Darn Colts Lost. Quick and focuses not too strong.

Nofollow Comments
There has been much written about the quantity of a product, there is a link nofollow. I believe that without a link is the most valuable, but you see the results nofollow links.
That seems to be fast Yahoo and MSN. Google is always the MSN and Yahoo, if Google does not present the results nofollow links, too.

If you have a blog dofollow
I often have several pages on the same topic. I use my blog link to pages dofollow in the niche. I make a note from the blog, but I want to comment on my second place in another post. I am used on the use of different names. And there is more to these blogs.

Free search engine optimization

I have a lot of search engine optimization to pay electronic books on the market. What you should know that there are multiple pages that can help you, and at low cost or even free. Everything you need to do a little research and optimize your visibility on the Internet. There are various systems of the revenue from this line, the information on the purchase of the product purchase.

It is a good way to go, and show how to establish its own niche. Why would I use a search engine for the information society and the acquisition of an income also, where you all for the price of one. If tried to recruit their costs to a minimum. There is a way to do this. I am relatively new to all these online activities and were treated and then in many different places.

Of course, all the offers, tips, ideas, and have little or nothing. The problem is so much confusing information ends, at least I did. You should take some time, or only rouets and nothing happens for you.

In my opinion, some of the products that interest you and find that with all the tools they need to succeed. If you separate all the tools you thousands of dollars in vain. Once set up and money, then you have more time and $ $ for the other instruments that are available. But for beginners, packages that you need to understand what are the best.

I filtered through tonnes, they need to succeed and my three favorites are listed below, you must at minimum cost.

Traffic tectics for a SEO

Search engine optimization is important for a visit to the website for marketing. The use of apt words, phrases is not limited to Web content, but extends to all possibilities of the web traffic. Want more traffic to your site, consider investing in the Web site of transit and keywords, based on the strategies to strengthen the connection.

Often the problem occurs when you site traffic and the supplier does not place the topics the presentation directory. After raising the unity of the traffic is impeded negative. This fact shows how important it is the use of key words and expressions. Which Web site of the transport provider you choose should be given the choice of topics for the location of the template.

Main themes are the basic principles of the process of finding relevant information with search engines. Maximum percentage of visiting the site using themes on the search engines and links to search for information. Each of the major search engines uses its own algorithms on a system generated the most suitable and accurate results for the keyword demand. You think May, the search results in a fraction of a second long, so it’s a very simple and without extra efforts, they are your! But the truth is that search engines are programmed, and mathematical formulas are used in the system scans and indexes all types of sites in just a fraction of a second. The importance of the issues is always the first priority is and remains focused visit the website.

Contents of the site must be clearly defined and structured, words, phrases, so the fact that a website can meet the needs of the demand for keywords users. Well structured keyword strategy without the opportunity to acquire traffic to your competitors share! Each time you want the text to see that the relevant keywords, articles, blogs, websites, social, photos, directory of communications, construction of the trail, etc.

In practice, any price at all “inappropriate keywords, which increases the opportunities for their websites are protected by the search engines. Make your content with relevant keywords and more significantly in the non-use, only for the reasons above.

Through the purchase of a website traffic to ensure that you have to choose which keywords. It is possible that, unlike the marketing campaigns are a number of points. Choose carefully the keywords for the submission of the guide, the guide also the position of the template must be carefully written.

How SEO increase the benefits

For every person who tries to earn money online from his website is your livelihood. It is important to understand that without a good search engine optimization (SEO alias), it might be available in the unemployment rate. You see, most people find the sites that buy the technology through research, such as, and click the rule to a website on the first page of results, so that every Web site that n ‘is not On the first page of search results May, and not even exist. You can not take place without the sales traffic to your site and you can not make money without selling it, right?

For a site optimized lot more people visit this place. Depending on how the Web is for the conversion of a site that turn a certain percentage of their visitors into customers. It is the largest number of people who visit a Web site, more sales in the course website. If a site receives 3% of the conversion rate (not infrequently), which means that 100 people have a website with 3 people in a purchase. With numbers so you can see why it is important to keep many people at another site to make money.

Then, the factors involved in the realization of a Web site optimized? One of the most important parts of the right content is SEO optimization. Web or “spiders” to explore, through a Web site wants to see what solutions, and how often it on this page, and then this information to the search engines. This is an important factor to determine a site for sorting and, of course, to determine how much money the site. Good content not only a site for a good search engine ranking, but also inform and entertain the people who are on the site, there is most likely to stay and again … Most of the time on the site rather to a purchase.

The right to SEO can be a difficult task, but a large number of companies offer SEO services at a good price. The right to SEO determines the success or failure of a website and thus have its advantages, so that a small investment worth it now

As Web-design can have a significant impact on placement in search engines

Unique built sites can cause problems if a single, which was promoted in
Search engines. From brochure on page 3 page on another site with hundreds of company
the dynamically generated pages, each must meet certain aspects of the design
for the full effect of a SEO campaign. Here are some points
take into account when creating or updating its website.

1st Size

The size of a site can be a huge impact on the placement in search engines. Search
Engines love content, so if you have just a few pages on your site and
Competitors have many, it is difficult to establish a high-level page on your site. In
Some cases can be difficult on several pages of information about your
Company or product, so you know, in May to add free resources for
Visitors. Contribute to achieving its website (search engines
how), and keep visitors on your site longer, perhaps in more sales.

2nd Graphics on Web pages.

While the site visitor experiences aesthetic May
seems to be the best choice for a person to search for your product, they
difficult to optimize. Search engine robots can not read text or graphics
Animation, which can only be a small amount of text. And if we have learned
regardless of the number # 1, small amounts of content, but not from the top of the rankings. If
They offer the visitor a graphics or high-Flash site, consider
the creation of an HTML-based portion of the site is also to visitors. This site
sera beaucoup plus facile à promotion dans les moteurs de Recherche et en Trouvé sa nouvelle visiteurs
You also have the opportunity to work for the best part of your site.

3rd Dynamic web pages.

If most of your site from a large database (like a big book
Dealer with a stock that is to change every minute), May, you will find some of their
Pages are not indexed by the major search engines. If we look at this URL
Pages, which can be very long and has his characters?, #, &,%, Or along =
with large quantities of seemingly random numbers or letters. As these pages are
automatically generate the database, if necessary, search engines
difficult to keep and relevant for users of the search engine.
One way to combat this problem is to search your site, a list of
all your pages just to work with them to know that the substance Standing
Your site. If the search engines and links from these dynamic pages
A good system of relations, it can lead to obtain the pages indexed. The
Link popularity of your site in May more weight in this case, if you do not
to offer content that your competitors, be sure to have an aggression
the country on the fly.

4th One use of HTML.

There are very few a subset of a Web-design software. Word
normally has an opportunity to create HTML documents are easily available on a website
via FTP. But in many cases, the code search engine to see, the robot is
Lines and lines of source and formatting, not relevant content. Most
writing effective Web sites typically have a better location. Our choice for Web
is a design software Macromedia Dreamweaver, because it is an industry standard. Also
Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a children’s game, which can reduce
on the amount of text in HTML format. Handball HTML coding in the development of websites
is also a good method if you are sufficiently liquid.
There are some brains not to: Web sites with abnormal amounts of hyperlinks,
bold or italic text, an abuse of the section, old or comment tags can also
to expect that the low rankings.

5th Choose a domain name.

The golden rule to web development of any kind, is to take care of its guests,
Above all – including search engines. When choosing a domain name,
We must either your company name (if you have a profile of a company from top
Names such as the chapter or Coca-Cola) or a brief description of your products.
Domain names can always help, search engine optimization, which is another
Matter of your site is important that the keywords can appear. Forget long
http://www.number areas such as not as
Do not forget and will never be difficult to print cards or in ads.
If you change your name, for whatever reason, of course, they do not want to
lose the rankings. An easy way to do this, and it will
Most search engines, the 301 redirect. It allows you to create your
Classifications of his old domain names while visiting send its new website

6th Frames.

Do not use frames. The conditions are a thing of the’90s (and the world of the Internet is that
There is Eons) and is not protected by some search engines. Search Engines
Who is able to index your site through the environment, most likely her frown.
What we are trying to use the frames can usually with
Support for PHP, or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Some browsers are not
with the framework, which actually is a risk that some visitors are unable to see
for all. Markers of individual pages in a difficult
without lengthly scripts are written.

7th Updating the data.

Not only the information printed two or three years look bad in their
Body, when read by a guest, is also from research
Engines. The sites, training and updating their Web sites usually
Ranking of the most experienced stagnation of the page. When the round to offer SEO
Visitors, the most relevant information, you can bet that the age of web pages
regarded by search engines. The creation of a section of the website
Information about your business, or a continuous updating of the