Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization for blogs

Posted on: November 13, 2008

Search engine optimization for blogs

Blog software is really a simple Content Management System (CMS) that easily adds new pages and integrates them into the navigation structure and coherence.

Blogs and search engine for blogs are naturally friendly texts because they are rich, rich compound that frequently updated Web pages with or Cascading Style Sheets, and very few foreign HTML.

Optimizing a blog is very similar to the optimization of a website to optimize a blog is similar to the optimization of a website.

But according to the blog service or software that you want to use the results may be slightly different.

If you have a few simple rules for search engine optimization, blog site can be much higher than the static pages on the website of the search engine, the search results pages.

Here are the main rules to follow to determine their position on the list of the keywords you select.

1st Use your primary keyword in the blog domain

If you own a domain name (recommended) to a blog or a blog site or a subdomain of your own house, trying to ensure that your URL contains the primary keyword that you want to optimize.

For example, if you want your blog to join the search term “RSS” for a domain name with the word “RSS” or use the keywords in a subdomain, as in

Buy a domain name with its own name may be a good mark, especially if your blog is personal.

But if we do that, for business and want targeted traffic to your workflow, the issues in the region or sub-domains is a step in the right direction.

2nd Use your primary key phrase in your blog header tags and title of your e-mails

If your primary key phrase is “business blogging” ensure that the company, or blogs, or both, on a blog header (H1 and H2 tags) and titles of their respective offices.

Most blog software is a keyword in the title and then the name of the file of seats in the building.

For example, if you have a blog on Blogger and title your new “Search Engine Optimization for Blogs”, Blogger will automatically create a page with your name and then file “Search Engine Optimization by blogs.html” or something similar.

Server with other software such as Word Press and Movable Type out, use the mod_rewrite May in the title of the information provided by a fixed link.

3rd Use keywords reactions in the body of his post

To get a list of topics rare side effects in the body of the message and pepper blogs securities or links to them in an appropriate manner.

Not on this or your e-mails at the end of the investigation and of course e-mails are not harassed to readers.

4th Use your keywords in the anchor text of links

Keywords in the relationship has more weight than the simple text.

Use your primary and secondary prevention of keywords in the anchor text of links to links to other blogs, or other pages on your site top.

Link keywords, which naturally in the body, but once again not to, or are you using e-mails harassed pages.

5th Make sure search engines can easily spider blog

Create a blog, so in addition to the navigation bar on each side.

Make sure that your archives and previous posts on each side is a blog for the easy tip.

6th Backlinks receive, blogs or other Web sites

Links to your blog or bodies responsible for the introduction of pagerank and make a blog highest rank on search engine ads.

I’ve seen many people, such as blog Rolling recommend a way to build links to your blog.

Rolling blog is a window links to your blog or newspaper.

But it is actually a bit of JavaScript code that “calls for” connections.

Which location in the search engines go, this method of setting is of little use, because spiders can not read JavaScript code for the remote.

I recommend rather that your efforts to the relations between the methods here.

Blog for the submission of search engines and directories:

The presentation of blogs and RSS to the blog search engines and directories is essential for high quality links back to your blog.

Here is the list of the best I have found places to your diet or blog.


Many were also the subject of blogs are often willing, with links to other blogs, how rich and networks or communities. Link exchanges with other blogs are easy to work with most blog software.


You also get links to your blog with TrackBacks. A disadvantage of blogging is not automatically creates TrackBack URL, the other can use to connect to their seats.

Halo Scan is a free service that automatically by writing comments on your blog TrackBacks bloggers.

But if TrackBacks is an important part of its strategy in context, I can imagine other software or system, which adds this feature automatically.


You can also back legitimate blog links in publication of comments to posts in other blogs.

7th Frequently updated

There is no better food for the spiders of search engines for new content.

Publish and update the blog frequently with all standards, as described above, and there is no reason, his blog is not among the top ranks in a short time.


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