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How a newbie can listed in Search engine

Posted on: November 18, 2008

How a newbie can listed in Search engine

Once you’ve completed your site and are ready to be registered, you will need a slow rapprochement step by step to the list of search engines. If you do it on the right side for the first time and then on this formula, your profits and your site will be beneficial for the long term. Those who are willing to take the time and the practical application of these techniques are those who enjoy a higher probability of success.

–>The first page is accessible via search engines start and ensure that this page is fully optimized is one of our main goals. What is your optics ask? It is your website in search engine friendly as possible. You can also see people refer to this in the short form for use.

Your first step is the day the title. It is a point that search engines in the search to begin, information about your site, which is round. It is also what the search engines via a clickable display on their page of results. It is also an important factor in the location where you place if certain investigations is the search engine. Title tags are one of the important things up and ensure that you receive the right. This was not just for better placement in search engines, but also descriptions lead to more people by clicking on your connection and your site.

Take a look sure that your competitors are busy with some ideas for your site. Day, to see their titles on their Web site in Internet Explorer or Netscape and click on View, then Source, and you could see their title tag. You may not copy theirs, but it helps you a few ideas for your own site.

–> Sentences of keywords in your pages – Find the perfect set of keywords to your pages and know that the right to use this issue is very important because your site should the people what they seek. A free software to help you, can be found: keywords using the various tools that search engines like Yahoo, Google, Teoma and other services like Alexa. Tags with the help of good, it is very easy, quick and easy. Do not forget … no longer do or you will be punished.

–> Write your website copy – Your next step is to merge these keywords in the copy on your site. This is extremely important that search engines use these keywords on your page, so they then analyze these words and decide where your site must be in their categories. Write your site’s content around the themes and use as often as possible.

–> Meta Tags – Meta tags provide search engines with information about the content and objectives of a site. A site can use meta tags, the best of their ability is often used in the search and is also looked at the beginning of the search results. Many people believe that the filling of key words in the metatags to improve their ratings. The original idea behind meta tags, it was a way to classify the site. The problem now is that many engines are not included meta tags are also responsible for classification, so they have less weight because all of the keyword stuffing techniques used. That does not mean that you are not using should not be a meta-tags, just pulled them for what they originally intended – it is your site with the headline and description of some subjects (3 or 4 maximum punishment) Describes the page or on the website.

–> ALT Tags – ALT tags or “Alternative Text” is an attribute of the IMG brand. (All the graphics on your site) A TOTAL tag for each image on your site. ALT-Day offers a different e-mail to your readers, who can not see the graphics. Without ALT tags, images on a site of importance for each user. If you have a menu graphics for navigation systems, deputy news is particularly important for users without the ability to view graphics. Add an ALT tag to each frame in your website makes a big difference to the availability of your site. Even for them, as Google and Yahoo image search, your ALT tags can be very high and help traffic to your site. Take for example one of my hand – I lots of graphics applications in various spas and graphics, all the name of the sender. Those who are looking for information on the station in late May, easily ordered on my site, because I have a picture with the name of the station.

On the back, stuffing ALT-day, with tags on a picture to hide issues rarely help a site of the post. If you can use one keys in the image description then by all means to do so. Remember that all tags are usually the same for your keyword density, it is better to the old days keyword is not something like “image01.gif”.

–> Ties – search engines, with more coming online every day, the search engines are looking for ways to improve the quality of links to the visitors. What links to other websites and their relationship to you is important for both you and search engine. People who assume that the incoming connections for their willingness to help, is very bad. This was the case in May, a time, but not today. Search engines have the quality of results. One possibility, they at your site from the perception of the quality of incoming links to your site. Therefore, sites that are closely related to your site to link to you and will help your popularity in search engines. The Google is a major problem in your location with them. With one hundred links of all kinds of website in May hurt your position and May as a permanent connection.

–>  Spiders – A search engine is a database that was created by spiders. Spiders Scour the Internet through the pages and recording information on the website. Spiders then provide information to the database and database fueled results. Theoretically, the site in search results the next time, when the engine updates. It is important that all links to your site is activated. Report a dead link May to preclude a spider your entire site.

–>  Robots Text File – search engines will be in your root domain to a file named “robots.txt ‘( The file is Robots (spider), spider, May file (download). This system is called, the standard for exclusion of robots.

–>  FLASH – This is one of the biggest mistakes of the owner of a site can be difficult to prioritize their search engine kings. Well Flash content to win every time and get your visitors are, what you are trying to complete. The only thing that search engines will be able to see when you visit a site where the first page is the flash is the title tags and links. In most cases not enough. During this rich and the content of the pages you set you need. Can choose between a higher or with a “beautiful” side entrance. Remember: The goal is to provide customers and sales. Perhaps it would be kewl the first time you visit the site, but if you ever and is still, it becomes very boring, not to mention that people on the phone back such a page. They often because of the time, to support it.

–>  Not to expect that the results during the night. It takes time to secure your position there, even with the admission paid. They begin in May with a low rank, when you can become listed, but still optimize your site and to build “relevant” links you begin to see an increase gradually. How do you expect from your in the beginning, concentrate on construction, as many relevant links as possible. More and more of your rank you will be surprised at the number of referrals that you receive from them pages.Principiantes – Get listed on search engines


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