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How good is New MSN Search?

Posted on: November 18, 2008

How good is New MSN Search?

If you have an online activities or simply the Internet as
their marketing tools, as you know, the issues
Search engines in their search, targeted measures for visitors
its website. Changes in the area of the search engines can
unexpected results online for their efforts. That is why we
It is important to be well informed about progress at the next
this area.

Microsoft has just returned from the latest beta version
The much-vaunted search engine. Funded by 5 million
Pages indexed, which is on its way to one of the most powerful
Search engines on the market. At this point, MSN, Yahoo
Always search queries that in his
Page through what you want to change somewhere at the beginning of next year
Year over its own resources. You can use the search engine

Google great success and profitable business model
Microsoft and others to attract the lucrative market for research
The engine in the market seriously. Amazon, for example, only, research. Today, Google
nearly 50 percent of all searches on the Internet.
Yahoo with 24 percent market share is
far behind. MSN at 14 percent is far behind
competition – a situation which is not very easy

But Microsoft has a long history of the copy on the rise
Products whose answer is sometimes, perhaps
Then the originals, and most of the market clinch
Measures. Microsoft is successfully using Borland
mastery of programming languages in the first few days. The
List of victims of a very popular word
The processor WordPerfect, the spreadsheet market – Lotus
1-2-3, Novell Netware and finally Netscape.
Since 90 percent of all PCs with Windows,
Microsoft will have an extra advantage over their competitors,
, As is the ability to work effectively.

What’s new in MSN Search?

This version of MSN Search is packed with interesting
Properties, and the other search engines are lacking in this

The answer to a simple fact that research

In contrast to Google or Yahoo, AskJeeves has the best location
To find answers, searching for simple words. MSN
The search took a little longer by
Microsoft Encarta tools properties.
Ask what is the capital of Russia? You have the right to
Answer at the beginning of the search results page. Questions such as
“What is the size of a blue whale?” It looks exactly
Answer. There is no doubt that students love this feature, because
makes it much easier for them to get answers to
Questions, facts and figures.

Near me

Microsoft’s new search engine includes una”cerca Me”
Button, with the user in finding sites to a private person
Location. In this version, it works only in

When you press this button MSN Search, where the number of
You can find your computer using its IP address. However,
This can easily through the development of adaptation
Preferences. It is important if you are in New
York and looking for something near Boston.

Search Builder

With other search engines, if you want to customize,
Your search is to use the option “Advanced Search”
A separate page. MSN Search is now much easier for the
Average users by adding the ability to
Right in the search.

When you click the manufacturer of the search for the right mouse button on the link
during the search box drop-down menu is open.
Originally the menu was perhaps a little confusing, with
a little patience, you can create a high
Features easy.

The tool “search” you can research Boolean
Options. SiteAdvisor tool is used to describe a
to the site or domain, or the exclusion of their
The query. “Links” tool helps you to the hearing in
Websites that link to a particular site. Country / region and
Language settings, which are necessary to geography or
Language specific research.

The best choice for this group of properties is
“Sort of results.” This option is used, the
Research and give you more control over research
Score with a set of three bars. The slippery slope
Girders above and below the choice if you want to see
More than approximate or exact match, the most popular
or less popular, static or dynamic as the search
Results. You can use a wide range of
results of a single query with this option.
It could be very useful for certain types of research.
For example, if you are looking for new sites based
If not, you can not choose more dynamic pages
the static.

Preferably in

The most notable of the options on your configuration is “safe
Research “- the ability to filter sexually
Images and texts, capacity and number of
presents the results of a particular site.


Many of those interviewed said that if research
Results with Google, MSN Search “under”
of relevance. But the results show the opposite.

I ran after the phrase “trade leads”. Results
Search engines are very relevant. The
The only difference in MSN I noticed is our successfully rotate
the first page. But in a search for the word “e-catalog”
was better – more relevant – the results Hotlist
Google will. This time, I am also happy on the first page of MSN
The search results.


If you believe all the new features in MSN, Google
But his ability to cover the natural language
Consultations, quality and relevance of the results
If the research, there is no doubt that MSN Search
The engine is as good as Google.


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