Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization and directories

Posted on: November 19, 2008

Search engine optimization and directories

If you’re a webmaster then you probably entonces ha to your website in several directorios, incluso ejecutar you can mismo. There are thousands and directories over the network, and they all have their pros and cons. Webmasters have good, whether these differences to assess what the value of the inventories are time, effort and money on the introduction of a.


While all webmasters want more traffic, and often are looking for more visitors from the list of entries, the question of the truth is that most of the recommendations of the administration can not afford many visitors. DMOZ itself, one of the largest and most popular in the directories on the Internet, offers a small number of surfers a variety of sites listed. And other acts of several thousand dollars per month on advertising may not lead to some visitors.

Well, not misunderstood, which is popular websites in the directory in a good position near the top of the popular categories, many see a fair amount of visitors, but this is more the exception than the rule. But even a visitor from one month is better than nothing.


The major search engines, to a lesser extent, the classification on the basis of factors such as the frequency of your keyword appears on your page, or if the keyword is used to bold, italic, H1 and H2 tags, etc. For further action, Search Engines Pages based on what the rest of the canvas has to say on this subject. This means that the links to your site will count as positive ratings, and the text on these links you can categorize the content of your page. If the rest of the website, which says it is a site where a “miserable mistake” search engines, which strongly in people’s minds, regardless of what the web page in question said that it is.

The most important point is that the directories for webmasters with their vote for their own site to a new connection. With regard to the categorization is the disadvantage of most cases is that instead of a link to your site with your key, that the text link to your site on the individual titles, a number of categories in relation to the title. Worse still, in some directories use the URL, the text provides that the qualifications are not for everyone’s advantage. But the absolute worst thing to a directory of links to your site through a script tracking URLs that the list of software visits on your site, but no benefit for all SEO. The ideal scenario would be a dossier that is used is a direct link with the main than the text, but it is very rare.

A final factor you should consider SEO, is the difference between the various links and links which, of course, are in their content. Search engines of course understand that the content can be more precise link anchor text, and the floating that the commitments are often left with the acquis on behalf of the SEO. So you can link the anchor text on the content of the text is the ideal case.


Another part to consider is the saturation of a directory. That means, quite simply, as the card is full, or sub-category to other websites. If Google PageRank takes into consideration the idea of a band as a voice, as I said, it becomes more complex. Each side has a scale of the voting rights (PR), and the number of votes distributed to all links on the page. In practice, this means that if a link to your website is the only one on the side to have the biggest advantage is that you have the full voting rights on the page possible. What is rarely the case, because they are usually multiple entries in the phonebook, which we all share and PageRank. If the folder is 100 francs, or on the left side for each class at the saturation and the advantage of being listed is reduced. It is the best time for a new beginning!

Free and Paid

Some directories are free, some of composites and others require a payment or recurring payment. Yahoo directory, for example, requires an annual recurring payment of 299 $. DMOZ is free, but to many years of places to be mentioned. One of the benefits of paid directories is the fact that they are not free, a delay of communication, what the fullness of the directory. This May a factor entry in a directory bought a very good investment, these files often have a better quality, which is in fact a better tool for users, in May will be a better source of traffic that the misleading directories freely.

It is noteworthy, it is sure that you do not want to FFA pages of the connection. Free for all sides of the connection are usually not with lists, which are often not on the audit administrative expenses for the presentation, which is in a spammy, is full list of links that you do not want his partner. So, in short, and benefit from the quality of lists Friday, but not cancel paid if the folders that you win the rear left of high quality.

They now know that a number of considerations for the selection of directories to explain, let me give you a new folder in which you are interested SEOMA was out of the ground, in order to maximize benefits for the SEO sites. While most directories that you call your URL, title and description, SEOMA requirement also his anchor text you want. These anchors used to link to your site so that the benefits of the new link back. And an optimization SEOMA is, if your anchor text can be found in your description, will automatically be connected to the side of the details is also suitable for standard folders in the list. Your link is the only link from this page. Well, you get a personal link anchor text to a question on the side of the categories in other texts anchor link to a specific information for at least two outgoing links on the site.


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Nicely done, and I agree that directories are a major way to get noticed by the search engines fast!

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