Search engine optimization

As Web-design can have a significant impact on placement in search engines

Posted on: November 21, 2008

As Web-design can have a significant impact on placement in search engines

Unique built sites can cause problems if a single, which was promoted in
Search engines. From brochure on page 3 page on another site with hundreds of company
the dynamically generated pages, each must meet certain aspects of the design
for the full effect of a SEO campaign. Here are some points
take into account when creating or updating its website.

1st Size

The size of a site can be a huge impact on the placement in search engines. Search
Engines love content, so if you have just a few pages on your site and
Competitors have many, it is difficult to establish a high-level page on your site. In
Some cases can be difficult on several pages of information about your
Company or product, so you know, in May to add free resources for
Visitors. Contribute to achieving its website (search engines
how), and keep visitors on your site longer, perhaps in more sales.

2nd Graphics on Web pages.

While the site visitor experiences aesthetic May
seems to be the best choice for a person to search for your product, they
difficult to optimize. Search engine robots can not read text or graphics
Animation, which can only be a small amount of text. And if we have learned
regardless of the number # 1, small amounts of content, but not from the top of the rankings. If
They offer the visitor a graphics or high-Flash site, consider
the creation of an HTML-based portion of the site is also to visitors. This site
sera beaucoup plus facile à promotion dans les moteurs de Recherche et en Trouvé sa nouvelle visiteurs
You also have the opportunity to work for the best part of your site.

3rd Dynamic web pages.

If most of your site from a large database (like a big book
Dealer with a stock that is to change every minute), May, you will find some of their
Pages are not indexed by the major search engines. If we look at this URL
Pages, which can be very long and has his characters?, #, &,%, Or along =
with large quantities of seemingly random numbers or letters. As these pages are
automatically generate the database, if necessary, search engines
difficult to keep and relevant for users of the search engine.
One way to combat this problem is to search your site, a list of
all your pages just to work with them to know that the substance Standing
Your site. If the search engines and links from these dynamic pages
A good system of relations, it can lead to obtain the pages indexed. The
Link popularity of your site in May more weight in this case, if you do not
to offer content that your competitors, be sure to have an aggression
the country on the fly.

4th One use of HTML.

There are very few a subset of a Web-design software. Word
normally has an opportunity to create HTML documents are easily available on a website
via FTP. But in many cases, the code search engine to see, the robot is
Lines and lines of source and formatting, not relevant content. Most
writing effective Web sites typically have a better location. Our choice for Web
is a design software Macromedia Dreamweaver, because it is an industry standard. Also
Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a children’s game, which can reduce
on the amount of text in HTML format. Handball HTML coding in the development of websites
is also a good method if you are sufficiently liquid.
There are some brains not to: Web sites with abnormal amounts of hyperlinks,
bold or italic text, an abuse of the section, old or comment tags can also
to expect that the low rankings.

5th Choose a domain name.

The golden rule to web development of any kind, is to take care of its guests,
Above all – including search engines. When choosing a domain name,
We must either your company name (if you have a profile of a company from top
Names such as the chapter or Coca-Cola) or a brief description of your products.
Domain names can always help, search engine optimization, which is another
Matter of your site is important that the keywords can appear. Forget long
http://www.number areas such as not as
Do not forget and will never be difficult to print cards or in ads.
If you change your name, for whatever reason, of course, they do not want to
lose the rankings. An easy way to do this, and it will
Most search engines, the 301 redirect. It allows you to create your
Classifications of his old domain names while visiting send its new website

6th Frames.

Do not use frames. The conditions are a thing of the’90s (and the world of the Internet is that
There is Eons) and is not protected by some search engines. Search Engines
Who is able to index your site through the environment, most likely her frown.
What we are trying to use the frames can usually with
Support for PHP, or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Some browsers are not
with the framework, which actually is a risk that some visitors are unable to see
for all. Markers of individual pages in a difficult
without lengthly scripts are written.

7th Updating the data.

Not only the information printed two or three years look bad in their
Body, when read by a guest, is also from research
Engines. The sites, training and updating their Web sites usually
Ranking of the most experienced stagnation of the page. When the round to offer SEO
Visitors, the most relevant information, you can bet that the age of web pages
regarded by search engines. The creation of a section of the website
Information about your business, or a continuous updating of the


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