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Link on your site -Link Building Basics

Posted on: January 10, 2009

Link on your site -Link Building Basics

There are several ways to create links to your site. I think this is the easiest and I know it is very effective. I have over the years.

Comments on blogs
The best connections. You do not need any special software. A little time and ability, something that makes sense.

For this example I will keep you “credit card”, as my niche

Three Easy Steps
Go to Google and the search for “Google Blog Search.

Then, in the Google Blog Search for your niche “credit cards” or from where you work.

Open blog that on the first page and search for “observation”.

As mentioned
See comments. If you have a URL for your website URL. It is the connection to your name. If you give me a link to my site, I will not comment.

Now you can get the section of speed and little choice in the article on its website. A commentary. 20 to 50 words. Not the same as in another blog. Always write, that is the spirit of the article. I have my own ideas for articles in this process. I always had an open book on the idea of an article.

My e-mail
I am an e-mail address out. I started in hotmail opens and from time to time in order to remain active.

This is important. This is the theme of this website is the link to your website. Since my name is Rick, that my site is in the credit card I use a name like “Rick credit or blame from Rick” or “child of the credit card” or “scientific means such as by keyword or page I’m with Rick added.

If you have only your name, a link to your website as “Rick”. That is not bad, but a connection with the keyword in the page is much better.

Some links to go every day to help in the course of time. To comment. Like all content that you really want. Over time, you have a large proportion of the relevant content on your site to your site.

Comments can be seen, rather than advertising. I have more than 20 observations in a recent football match. Darn Colts Lost. Quick and focuses not too strong.

Nofollow Comments
There has been much written about the quantity of a product, there is a link nofollow. I believe that without a link is the most valuable, but you see the results nofollow links.
That seems to be fast Yahoo and MSN. Google is always the MSN and Yahoo, if Google does not present the results nofollow links, too.

If you have a blog dofollow
I often have several pages on the same topic. I use my blog link to pages dofollow in the niche. I make a note from the blog, but I want to comment on my second place in another post. I am used on the use of different names. And there is more to these blogs.


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