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Wordpress Blog Search engine optimization

Posted on: June 3, 2009

There are millions of online WordPress blogs, but most of them are not optimal for search engines.  This article describes ways you can search your WordPress blog better.

1. Make sure that the best position to SEO – if you have a blog is known as a URL “link”. Permalink WordPress by default is not optimal, but can be changed by clicking “Settings-> Permalinks panel menu in WordPress and then use a custom setting as / category / name of the object. This means your blog category and the title in the URL instead of a number.

2. Install the All in One SEO Pack (or other plugin) – All in One SEO Pack plugin you can add a title, description and keywords meta tags for your own website and blog.

3. Optimized for each blog a little competition long tail keywords – before a blog is still quite a bit in the keyword search. Visit the Google Adwords keywords and use a long tail keyword in small quantities from the competition. Ideally, this makes sense for a few hundred searches per month instead of several thousand visits per month. Using a different set for each blog and put you in the blog title and 2-3 times during the course of the postmark.

4. Social Bookmarking service use for each favorite blog – if you have a blog with Social Bookmarking Digg or StumbleUpon, for example. There are also services such as cable and the only social marker, with the highlight a number of your site simultaneously. Social Bookmarking Kunt u extra Verkeer naar uw blog back me een link naar uw FATF blog reporting.

5. Optimizing the main page of your blog – It is normal to the page of your blog for more than one of the other pages. You can configure the number of visitors through the optimization of your website. 1-2 pick keyword phrases to make your own page with a search for items such as keywords on Google AdWords, and select one or two phrases related to your niche. Ideally, these records are just a few thousand visits per month, competition should not be too difficult. Make sure that your keyword phrases within the title tags, meta description, and the entire contents of your home audio blog.

6. Install the plugin Google XML Sitemaps – will not increase its range of search engines, but with a plan of the site ensures that the indexes of search engines all the news sites and blogs. You can use the Google Sitemaps plugin to an XML sitemap for your blog.

Blog 7.Build links – creating links to your site is the most secure, its position in search engines. If you do not know that it is very difficult, a good level of visitors from search engines. They can be used in conjunction with article marketing directory for submission of contributions, comments on other blogs, press releases, link exchange and Social Bookmarking.


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