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should you invest dollars to submit your link to directory

Posted on: July 1, 2009

So, you want to earn money online and provide you a link to a site premium. You and everyone it seems. But I request that from the beginning, what he really thinks that the “Premium” directory of links? Allow me to give you my opinion. I am a quick search on Google for “premium directory links” and I have more than 24 million search results in full and nearly 10,000 results precision. I want to say, I wonder whether it is actually Pages that a bonus or used if it is not easy, you call.

The idea that they are more backlinks seem slightly distorted by the amount of advertising and research, is without a doubt a premium on the search result webmasters hard link building qualitative aspect is very important. Web site, but the directories? If you are in DMOZ or Yahoo, then it is obvious that some like Google, but most webmasters to display a list of these powers is a dream not worth it.

The most important thing for a good strategy is targeted backlinking backlink anchor text of Web sites used for the anchor text keywords. These links tell search engines your site is really important for something like a reward to the people through the pages for this keyword. That really is SEO. Classification of relevant pages with targeted. The sorting of the pages are not relevant or not relevant directories words mean nothing.

What we are really more than “premium” directory backlinks is contextual text links to relevant websites – blogs, news sites and Web sites of government and education in particular. This relationship in one of those areas targeted anchor text new impetus Search results pages for a number of entries in the directory relevance. Period. I would say that the search engine on the reporting of catches in the 10 years ago.

If you want money or to be online, then you must use the traffic from search engines, no page rank. And the traffic is from the side with the search for classification. Plain and simple. Have you try to make a link to a directory of links to the first and focus on their relevance and authority backlinks target of the anchor text. This is one way to ensure noticed by search engines and rewarded with love I need your website.


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